\\\\\     In 1978 we recognized that producers of quality food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are always in need of ingredients that meet two criteria:

\\\\\     First, that they meet demanding quality parameters to satisfy their own products and brand standards - without compromise;

\\\\\     Second, that they are competitively priced. It was then that we made a commitment to the market to be a significant provider of starch derivates of the highest quality and to set customer service standards that would effectively separate us from our competitors.



Company History

1978 :\\\\\\Pure Chem was established manufacturer of Dextrose Monohydrate \\\\\\\\\\\\\\Anhydrous Dextrose pharmaceutical grade and Sorbitol syrup (NC/USP \\\\\\\\\\\\\\/JECFA grade , Liquid glucose syrup.

2009 :\\\\\\Pure Chem co.,ltd. changed the shareholder to Taiwan Fructose co.,ltd.

2010 :\\\\\\Pure Chem established Fructose plant to producrd Fructose Syrup \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (various grade) as F42C/F55B/F90B.

2013 :\\\\\\Pure Chem established new plant at Chachengsaow provice to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\produced Glucose Syrup and Fructose Syrup.