Introduction & Characteristic.

Fructose is a simple monosaccharide found in many foods. It is a white solid that dissolve readily in water. Sucrose is disaccharide derived from the condensation of glucose and fructose. Crystalline fructose is often confused as the same product. Crystalline fructose, which is often produced from a fructose-enriched corn syrup, is indeed the monosaccharide. High - fructose corn syrup, however, is usually considered to be a mixture of nearly equal amounts of fructose and glucose.



1.The degree of sweetness of fructose is higher than granulated sugar, which can replace the usage of granulated sugar , to directly lower the cost.
2.Fructose is a liquid state syrup, handy to carry, convenient for nursing, which can reduce the cost of human resource.
3.Fructose has a great stabilizing effect; it will not be transform by the acid effecting an acidity beverage, which can stabilize prescription and quality, and to enhance the flavor of the shelf life.
4.The calories of the fructose are far lower than sugar, which is great loved by the general consumer public.


Basic application :

Beverages: Carbonic acid beverage, juice, tea beverage,
Sport drink and functional drink.
Dairy product: Flavor milk, lactic acid beverage and yogurt.
Icy product: Ice cream, Popsicle and ice cream sandwich.
Dessert: Jelly, pudding.
Backing product: Bread, Cake.
Other: Soy sauce, health food products.


Grade and Standards

Pure Chem Fructose syrup is available in many grades (F42,F55,F90) is compliant with Thai industrial standard .

Capacity: Max 160 T/D















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