Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol hydrogenised from dextrose or liquid glucose. It can be found in a variety of fruit and vegetables. Due to its influence on viscosity and its chemical and bacterial stability ,Sorbitol is widely used  in such product categories as toothpaste and personal care products and often found in fine cosmetic products.

Sorbitol is also a natural sweetener with a pleasant taste and can easily replace sucrose in many food applications. An attractive attribute of Sorbitol is that it does not promote tooth decay and is metabolized independently from insulin, having a low Glycemic Index. This makes it an attractive ingredient for the marketers of food products to consumer markets concerned with health.


Basic application are:

Liquid soaps, creams, etc.
Fish paste snack and Surimi
Moon cakes and Bakery
Ready made food moisture
balancer (humectant)


Grade and Standards

Pure Chem Sorbitol is available in many grades - from high, pure crystallizing grade to non crystallizing Grade and is compliant with U.S., British, and European pharmacopeias.


Capacity: avg. 100 T/D

Dry Substance: 70% (clear uncoloured solution

Quality grades: (according USP and EP/BP)
NC (non crystallization) 72-92%Sorbitol
USP (crystallization) min. 92%Sorbitol
















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